Do Long Urls Affect Seo?

In other words, although the length of a URL may influence how search snippets appear, it has no effect on search engine results. This has no bearing on ranking. It just depends on which URL appears in the search results. In conclusion, neither the length of the URL nor the number of slashes affect search engine results.

Similarly, How long is too long for a URL SEO?

What Is Meant By “URL Too Long“? If a URL has more than 100 characters, it is deemed too lengthy.

Also, it is asked, Are shorter URLs better for SEO?

the better, the shorter. Shorter URLs “often tend to rank higher than lengthy URLs,” claims Backlinko. They conducted rigorous testing on one million Google search results to demonstrate this. This graph illustrates how Google ranks drop as URL length increases.

Secondly, Is a long URL bad?

Users may break links if your URLs are lengthy and difficult to understand. For instance, someone could accidently damage the link while copying and pasting the URL, leave out pieces of it throughout the process, or delete any of the link’s parameters they believe are unneeded, which would make the link inoperable.

Also, Is it better to have a longer or shorter URL?

Should I choose a long or short URL? Generally speaking, the better your URL is the shorter and clearer it is. Shorter URLs fit better on printed materials, are simpler to remember, and are more likely to “stick” in someone’s memory for later recall.

People also ask, Does Google care about URL length?

These data demonstrate that the search pages were dominated by URLs between 35 and 45 characters. Although it’s not quite evident from this what Google thinks about URL length, it’s still important to take note of. Aim for between 35 and 45 characters in length. Don’t worry if you are close to it.

Related Questions and Answers

Does Google penalize long domain names?

Google released a new algorithm update that would punish exact match domains with poor quality (EMD penalty). The exact match domain penalty seems to be one of the worst adjustments, according to many webmasters that engage in micro-niche blogging.

Does Google prefer shorter URLs?

Although Google does not formally consider URL length for allocating rankings, if it must pick between two URLs, the shorter URL will often appear higher in the search results. There is no set ideal length, according to Google. A URL, however, should typically be no longer than 2000 characters.

Are long domains good?

Your chances of obtaining the brand name you desire are much better when you register a longer domain name compared to a shorter one. The ability to include your target keywords into a lengthier domain name is one of the most underappreciated advantages.

Which URL is best for SEO?

SEO-friendly URLs are short, easy to read, and include keywords that describe the content of a web page. For instance, a URL like will influence your decision to click on that link if you’re looking for information on pancakes.

Typically, numerous URL shorteners use the same domain name and frequently employ arbitrary letter and number URL slugs. Because the web cannot determine the destination URL and you cannot be certain of who made it—it may have been spammers or hackers—generic short links cannot be trusted.

It is false to claim that employing Bitly, a 301 redirect, would harm your SEO. PageRank value is sent from Google and other top search engines to the end destination rather than the link.

Why is it important to shorten URLs?

Sharing Is Made Simpler by Shorter URLs Your viewers will find it simpler to share your material when the URLs are short. Consider the fact that a lengthy, complicated URL will seem odd whether shared on Facebook, Pinterest, or in an email. Not to add that it won’t stick in your memory as much.

Which 3 things we should be considering from URL structure perspective for SEO?

15 Best Practices for URL Structure in SEO #2: The better, the more readable it is for people. #3: Keywords in URLs are still beneficial. #4: Are different URLs directing to the same content? #5: When feasible, exclude dynamic parameters. #6: Shorter trumps longer. #7: Most of the time, match URLs to titles (when it makes sense).

What is the best length for URL?

The correct page URL has a length of 75 characters. Long URLs (more than 75–120 characters) for documents are normally pretty well indexed, however there may be issues with ranking. You can check the maximum URL lengths for various browsers here.

Do URL slugs affect SEO?

Are Web Slugs Important for Ranking on Search Engines? Yes is the quick response. Your ranking for your target keywords may be improved by using SEO keywords in your URL. If your keywords are in the URL slug, Google is more likely to rank your page since it utilizes the URL as a ranking component.

What should be the URL length?

A URL should not have more than 2000 characters so that a browser can parse it. These long URLs are uncommon, however. A URL should not be more than 74 characters if you want it to display in full, uncut form in the search results.

How long is too long domain?

The most characters that may be used in a website address after the period is 63. So is a rather long URL, and under no circumstances should you choose a domain that long.

Does length of domain name matter?

We advise using short domain names, usually 3 to 4 words or less. Users can more easily remember and enter short domain names, which makes it simpler for them to find your website. Make sure the keywords in your domain name apply to the material you post.

How much does domain name Affect SEO?

How Does SEO Affect Domain Name? Domain names may significantly affect SEO even if they aren’t a primary ranking element. Your chances of appearing well in search engines will be greatly improved by using a combination of pertinent and brand-named terms to produce a short, snappy, and clickable domain name.

Do vanity URLs affect SEO?

Shareable: Vanity URLs are easily remembered and passed around. The link’s keywords or phrases have a better recall value. The importance of SEO multiplies: You are linking your company with the term since it appears beside your brand name when you are optimizing for it.

Why are URL shorteners bad?

Due to their small length, abbreviated URLs are susceptible to brute-force scanning, which allows attackers to guess several shortened URLs and read all of the ones that are active. The researchers examined URLs for Google Maps and Microsoft OneDrive.

How long do URL shorteners last?

Bitly connections are eternal. As long as your DNS is still pointing to Bitly and the custom domain is associated with a Bitly account, links that have been shortened using a custom domain will continue to function.

Is Bitly or TinyURL better?

Another link shortening tool with a totally distinct appearance and feel from Bitly is TinyURL. TinyURL actually debuted before Bitly. Users who just sometimes need to create short connections and don’t really require sophisticated link management or tracking capabilities should utilize this tool.

How can I make my website SEO friendly in HTML?

These are some of the most crucial components your website needs. Employ title tags. The title HTML element may be among the most significant for SEO. Meta description tags should be adjusted. Header Tags shouldn’t be discounted. Image Alt Tags should be included. Developing Links. Integrate Open Graph Tags. tags on Twitter cards. The Tag for Robots

What is a good URL design?

Always be clear, unambiguous, easy to read, easy to write, and simple to share when creating URLs. URLs must all be written in lowercase. Wherever feasible, URLs must include words and refrain from acronyms (see 8 for an exception where acronyms are used for an organisation redirect)

Why is having duplicate content an issue for SEO?

Google is confused with duplicate material, therefore it must decide which of the similar sites to place in the top results. No matter who created the material, there is a good chance that the original page won’t appear in the top search results.

How do you optimize a slug URL?

How can you improve your Slug? Include the search terms you wish to rank for. Take stop keywords out of the equation. To divide words in a slug, use dashes. Keep it brief. Only capitalize lowercase letters.

How do you write a slug for SEO?

The Art of the Great Slug Leave out the capital letters. Don’t use special characters. For spaces, use hyphens. insert a trailing slash Google advises against utilizing the tool unless you are an SEO expert, your website has more than 1,000 pages, and some of your pages have been identified as duplicates.

What is SERP in SEO?

The page that appears when you input a query into Google, Yahoo, or another search engine is known as a search engine results page, or SERP. The SERP layout varies depending on the search engine, but as Google dominates the market with over 80% of the searches, we’ll concentrate on their features and algorithms.


Long urls are important for seo. They can increase your rankings and engagement with your website. However, they can also be detrimental to your SEO if the length is too long.

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